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Cedar Creek Homes How To Buy

How To Buy

Homeownership can be as scary as it is exciting! Cedar Creek Homes has put together the information below to help you get prepared for homeownership! 


The more you know about manufactured homes, how they’re built, and the steps involved in buying one will go a long way towards helping you make decisions that will enhance your enjoyment of your new home.


Most home buyers have an idea of what they want in a home, but they’re unsure a manufactured home will meet their vision of what a home should be. Most buyers don’t realize that many manufacturers will allow home buyers to customize a home to meet those same exact expectations and desires.


To learn more about how manufactured homes are built and how they compare to site built homes, please visit our “Learn” page! 

Where To Place Your Manufactured Home

Whether your home site will be in a manufactured home community or on private land, it’s vital that the home you select will meet placement conditions—legal and otherwise.

If the home is to be located in a rental community (mobile home park), it’s advisable that you secure the site to guarantee it’s available when your home ships from the factory. Both yourself and your home must also meet the community’s rules and requirements for tenancy.


About 70% of new manufactured homes are placed on rural property, which involves a variety of pre-delivery site preparation and placement requirements that vary by state, county, and municipality. Before you commit to the purchase of a new home, it’s essential to ensure the home will meet all regulatory restrictions and conditions of placement at the site you choose. Our team here at Cedar Creek Homes will assist you in making sure certain requirements are met before we have our setup crew move your home! 


It isn’t unusual for first time manufactured home buyers to begin the process of purchasing their home before knowing the amount of financing available for the purchase.


Financing can be the most confusing aspect of the manufactured home buying experience. However, numerous options for financing manufactured homes exist, with programs designed around where and how your home will be located and installed. Cedar Creek Homes will be happy to assist you in finding financing for your new home! Just give us a call so we can help you get pre-qualified for your new manufactured home!